Cooling System Tools
Made in Germany
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EL244-4 Hose Clamp
Pliers - for reaching
into difficult places.
$ 147.71
770-L21    Radiator
Petcock Socket
$ 33.25
244-C   CLIC Hose
Clamp Pliers
$ 62.10
EL244-2 Hose Clamp
Pliers - for self
$ 46.37
EL244-3 Hose Clamp
Pliers - for spring
band hose clamps.
$ 52.08
ELORA Werkzeugfabrik
Founded in 1924.
Manufacturers of top quality
German hand tools.
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BTR Distributors takes pride as the
Official Distributor for Elora hand
tools in the United States.
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294 Anti Freeze Tester
$ 47.76