VDE Electricians  Insulated
Cutting Tools, Cable Knives
rated to 1000 volts
Made in Germany
955-160    VDE Diagonal
Cutters   $ 66.75
955-145   VDE Diagonal
Cutters   $ 39.99
Insulated Electricians tools
955-165   VDE Diagonal
Cutters   $ 66.75
955-200    VDE Diagonal
Cutters   $ 77.97
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977        VDE Cable
Knife        $ 22.62
977H      VDE Cable
Knife        $ 19.90
977A      VDE Cable
Knife        $ 61.66
950VDE-185 Insulated
Diagonal side cutters
185mm long   $ 58.67
950VDE-165 Insulated
Diagonal side cutters
950VDE-145 Insulated
Diagonal side cutters
145mm long   $ 51.10
Please Note:
Although these pliers are pictured
with red a yellow handles, they are
available in solid red only.
985-205      VDE
For cutting Copper &
Aluminum cable
up to 20mm.     $ 141.01
In line Wire Stripper
Not for use on live
circuits   $ 31.32
Copyright 2004

ELORA Werkzeugfabrik
Founded in 1924.
Manufacturers of top quality
German hand tools.
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